In terms of credit, Citroën mass produced FWD cars 35 years before the Mini with the Traction Avant. That was a size bigger and fancier, but they still made 760.000 of those family cars. The 2CV was in the same mobilise-the-masses class as the Mini, they made 3.8 million of them, and it was launched 11 years… » 8/27/14 3:36pm Today 3:36pm

You forgot the safety compromise: active safety because of an SUV's higher centre of gravity, which is exacerbated by the greater mass, and soft, long travel suspension. Passive safety because of the stouter, non-deformable chassis or chassis structure required for off roading, which, in a collision, transfers more… » 8/14/14 7:26am 8/14/14 7:26am